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Need to fill an income gap in retirement?

See how much income an annuity could provide in 5 minutes or less.*
It's easy

How it works

You start with one number and we provide the other.

How much income can I get from an annuity?

We'll estimate the monthly payment you can expect from an annuity based on the amount you put in upfront. (Monthly payments might vary.)

How much do I put into an annuity to get my target income?

We'll estimate the amount you should put into an annuity based on the target income you'd like in the first month of payments.

*This tool assumes the purchase of a fixed annuity. You can choose to model the first payment from a variable annuity later in the tool, but it is important to note subsequent payments may vary substantially based on market performance. Learn more about fixed annuities and variable annuities.

Nothing in this tool should be construed as a recommendation that any action be taken by you. In providing this tool for your use TIAA is not acting as a fiduciary.

Certain products and services are only available to eligible individuals.
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